Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Living with You're Memory (12/30/09)

You're kiss still lingers on my lips,
a taste so sweet nothing can compare.
When I am down I still hear you're soothing voice,
telling me that come morning everything will be alright.

Everything we ever did is running like a movie,
You took my heart and held it up so very high.
Watched me as I fell in love with all of my being,
made me watch as you ripped my dreams to shreds.

I can't even imaigne life without you by my side,
barely can I convience myself you've gone for good.
Don't you see what you've done its so much worse than a broken heart,
when you leave me living with only you're memory.

You promised me forever took my hand and held it to you're lips,
looked into my eyes like you saw what was in my soul.
Told me you'd waited all you're life to meet the one,
said you'd finally found her.

You made me feel like nothing I dreamed was impossible,
that all I needed was to believe in myself for it all to come true.
Now here I am sitting on my bed alone strumming this old guitar,
dreaming of the days of yesterday.

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