Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Broken Connection (12/30/09)

She never thought this day would come,
never did she expect the agonizing pain.
After all they'd been through how could he,
she thought he was different from the others.

There's nothing left to hold onto,
there's no rainbow after the storm.
She crumples to the ground as the words race through her mind,
aloneness threatens to suffocate her.

Inside her world there's nothing but static,
she can barely move make out the voices.
Stumbling forward she can't see the path before her,
not through the broken connection

Her head is spinning,
somewhere inside she's screaming.
Though no sound can escape,
they're asking if she's alright.

She tells them what they want to hear,
faking a smile and saying "Just fine".
Pretending its not affected her,
hoping they can't see that inside she's dieing.

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